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Restoration Ranch Relationships
Restoration Ranch Relationships

Relationship Navigator – Best Friends

My wife Jacquie is my best friend and I thank God for her everyday.  Her beauty is deep, pure and spiritual. It bubbles forth with joy, laughter and life. A smile from Jacquie and I am renewed by her kindness. A word from her and I am encouraged to persevere and grow. It was Jacquie’s leadership with loving words that began the transformation of our relationship.

This transformation truly began the day of our joint baptism into the Kingdom of God and then Jacquie’s confession of friendship over our marriage. We began to grow through loving each other to liking each other. The bonds of shared experience and friendship of 39 years have made our ties so deep that our first preference each day is to spend our time together.

Last night I helped our grandson build a town in our side yard.  We put in houses and markets and roads.  We made up a story for the community we developed. The best part of the experience was seeing Jacquie’s reaction to what we had built. There were parts of the story that only a six-year-old could comprehend, but her encouragement of me being a central part of Jordan’s life and his story was a blessing to me. It lifts her spirits to know that being formed is a lasting relationship.

It is God’s Spirit working within Jacquie to find methods and stamina to overcome the challenges that face her as a wife, mother, student and minister.  She seldom gets stuck on an unmet expectation. She prays and meditates and seeks counsel and then moves on.  It is her determination to seek peace and be a peacemaker  that is so extraordinary.  This is stimulated by her understanding of the power of words and the practice of purposefully using words to transform situations.

After a few weeks of her faith words I became aware that her words were activating transformation in our relationship. I believed her words after a awhile and then I too brought words of hope and faith into our relationship. She is my best friend, and the love that I had always desired.   Friendship with Jacquie was such a surprise, it made me rethink my relationship with my Father God. I would not have even known how to pray for this critical need in my life. I knew that I was incomplete, but I had no idea how the void was to be filled or if it could be filled.

God however knew exactly how to complete me. I know it is not rare for God to bring completeness into the lives of His children, but it felt rare to me. In this I pray that God receive all the glory for the friendship of Ken and Jacquie Bradford.


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