With Hands Lifted Up

There comes a time in every life when we need to sit down and make a conscious decision to surrender. Surrender to what God wants. Humility understands that God’s way is best. He holds our future, and mixes in the miraculous when we let Him “steer our ship.”

I have no ability to produce the miraculous in my life, but miracles abound as I trust Him to provide. While physical healing for me and family members is on the horizon – I am searching, praying, and waiting with hopeful expectation of healing to come. This is the process of prayer and standing on God’s Word, which means praying healing Scripture over our lives. For truly His Word promises to never return empty. The only assurance not given is the “when” or “how.”

Trust me when I say I’m okay with the unknowns – mostly.

Sometimes we need to seek medical attention, and sometimes we are confronted by such statements as, “It’s unclear what this issue is, do your best to rest, or let’s wait and see how this progresses.” Western medicine is remarkable, but they don’t always know what’s going on, and when one’s symptoms don’t align with a prescribed medication, then physicians aren’t necessarily sure about how to proceed – so tests may be ordered, and then a wait-and-see attitude prevails.

Faith is about trusting and believing that no matter the pronouncement, God can and will “make a way where there is no way” (Isaiah 43:19) – just like He did for the children of Israel when He parted the Red Sea. What’s this have to do with surrender? Well surrender is trusting. Surrender means that I’m not in charge, I’m not all powerful, all knowing, or miracle producing.

Proverbs 31 Woman by Nicki Koziarz

The “Red Seas” of life part as a result of trusting the Almighty. When we trust Him to provide in His way, and in His time; we need to remember that God’s view of time is far different than ours. So what do we do? We Surrender. Take all those preconceived notions about how our prayers will be answered, and chuck them. While we wait, when fear and or doubt attempt to encroach on our faith-stand, we have a strategy to remain steadfast. This is typically the juncture where our greatest testing happens.

If we have to ask God’s forgiveness throughout the day for attempting to “handle” the situation in our own strength, if we have to read aloud or silently His Word a thousand times– we will do so and purpose in our heart to love those around us. We will praise Him to redirect our focus. We will do whatever it takes to remain surrendered to His perfect love and will, for we know the “trying of our faith” (James 1:3) produces godly character, and causes us to become stronger in Him.

We serve a God who loves us with His life, He gave His life so that we would have the opportunity to grow into His image, share His love, grace, and Good News – and then spend eternity with Him.

I pray that we will seek, trust, and rely on Him, as we navigate life’s realities. May we call upon the Name of Jesus, which is greater than ALL names, and trust the Holy Spirit to “lead and guide us into All truth and righteousness for His Namesake” (John 16:13).

From my heart to yours,

Jacquie ♥


2 thoughts on “With Hands Lifted Up

  1. If I read this correctly you (plural?) are walking a rocky road. Your words are encouraging, but also I hear a certain anguish. So with hope in the one hand and distress in the other is a good time to lift our hands, for God takes both our hands! May my weak prayers offer you support and comfort from the hand of God.

    1. Thanks so much nopew. Walking in faith certainly has brought me to the place of realizing the dance between trusting God, and my desire to try to work things out myself. My hands are definitely raised as I worship the One who loves us most and has our solution at hand. Thank you so much for your prayers, I am grateful.

      Many blessings,
      Jacquie ♥

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