Protect Your Sacred Space

We all need to protect the sacred spaces in our life.

This thought went through my mind as I sat to consider the direction my life is taking. As I reflected on the work I am called to, it was clear that my heart for women was refined. As a counselor, coach and mentor, my passion is to see women made whole in all aspects of life, with a focus on:

Single Moms
Senior Concerns
Time Commitments

So where does the need to protect our sacred spaces come in?

Sacred spaces for me are times of reflection and contemplation. Time set aside to consider activities and “open doors” which represent where my time is directed. This may seem like an obvious thing to do, but think about how subtle some changes are; especially when transition aligns with the desire of your heart. In my most recent sacred space, I realized the joy I have when mentoring younger women; this has resulted in me recognizing the increased appointments to do just that.

My encouragement: take time to sit and be still, time to think. It is sometimes surprising what’s been going on right in front of us, but we were too busy or too distracted to notice. It’s time to think and soar!

From my heart to yours,

Jacquie ♥Seahawk by Larry Gorlin PhotographyPhoto by Larry Gorlin


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