I Need A Sabbath Breath

I Need A Sabbath Breath
By Jacquie Bradford

Into my heart you can see, I need a fresh start with thee.

Needing your touch, your presence means so much
Each time I come to you, you make my heart brand new
Endless love is found, as in me your Spirit abounds
Dreary days come to an end, when to you prayers I do send.

Absolute wholeness awaits, as I enter with praise your holy gates.

Serenity is part of what you offer, as I eliminate my inner scoffer
Always with me as you are, for you are my bright morning star
Basking in your presence I find, I am ahead and not behind
Bubbling brooks of joy come within, as you wash away all my sin
Although I am yours, I still come to knock on your doors
Together we walk in your glory, grateful for eternity’s story
Holding tightly to your Word, I remove myself from the absurd.

Brushing by the breeze of your Spirit, praise springs forth, now I hear it
Reaching out I am bound, to have restored that which was found
Earthly things have lost appeal; I am revived with love’s pure seal
About your business, that I am – I love dearly your holy Lamb
Though difficult times come and go, to your kingdom I will sow
Heaven is in the here and now, restoring, renewing my soul somehow.

From my heart to yours,
Jacquie ♥

Form: Acrostic
Prompt: I have been caught up doing the ‘good’ things of life. Serving others is great joy, except when I don’t make the time to be in God’s presence.
Awakened at 1 am – I pour out my heart. I purge myself of those things that weigh me down, and seek His holy ground. There I find refreshing and renewing. I remove the tattered layers of the weary self, and exchange them for wholeness and peace.


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