Love Never Ends


Living in the light is love
Odyssey of nurtured life
Validated heart fits like a glove
Embrace caring, eliminate strife.

Navigating course of compassion
Embarking emotions, various sorts
Valuing creation with respect and passion
Ernest response which never distorts
Radiates eternally in heaven’s high court.

Emblazoned on caring, beating hearts
Nearing closer, eternity’s home
Delivering kindness – where it starts
Sacred reliance, no more to roam.

From my heart to yours,
Jacquie ♥

My hope is that this will be a month of considering love; what it is, how it shows up, and how we can express it in written form, as well as face to face. Love truly takes the pressure off as it doesn’t make demands, insist on its own way, or present as moody or disagreeable. Love cheers the other on, desiring the best for him or her. Love isn’t competitive, but understands that when things go well for another, that is cause for congratulations.

My goal is to take the time to recognize love, and emulate its qualities as much as possible, such that those in my life will know how truly they are valued.
Form: Acrostic
From: My “Love Is” series within a series; homage to I Corinthians 13.


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