New Year Blessings

Now in this New Year,
I come to hear –
Exactly what you require;
keep me near.
With You, my perspective
is kept clear.

Your love and faithfulness
are a wonder,
Everything You do,
puts evil asunder.
Alone, I sometimes feel,
but never am –
Remembering you are with me;
heaven’s holy lamb.

Before me there are many choices,
Listening to You –
silences the voices.
Eliminating all that’s not needed,
Surround me with your Word,
wholly heeded.
Singing songs saturated with joy,
Into your presence;
purity employed.
Nothing escapes your holy notice,
causing me to
Grow into your image – with wonder
I am breathless;
Supported by your love, which is endless.

From my heart to yours,


Form: Acrostic

The blessings in any New Year, month, day or hour, requires my participation. I used to think that good intentions were enough, but I soon found that if I didn’t apply what I know; my good intentions held no lasting value. Walking in blessings is the result of applying His love, truth, and wisdom, as the impetus in my life. As I apply action to my faith, I see amazing results. Many times it seems I am blessed, and it feels like I haven’t done anything for God to bless; and I believe this is at least twofold: 1) I am walking in faith and obedience to His Word out of habit, so it seems like blessings are coming out of nowhere, 2) God loves us and wants to bless us. There is nothing we can do to earn His blessings. We can however facilitate a blessed life by employing His truth and principles.

May God’s blessings be abundant in this New Year, as we seek Him, and apply His Word to our life.


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