My Gratitude

My heart is filled with gratitude, as I search for what’s in store,

You have given all I could consider, and created so much more.

Help me to recognize when all is said and done,

Your love and Your provision, which are comparable to none.

In this place of thankfulness help me to define,

All that you have done for me, and let my tears so shine; as I express

My gratitude.

I came into this world with nothing, and with nothing I shall leave,

Assist me as I realize, ‘tis from You that I receive.

My life it seems so fragile, and sometimes filled with care,

Because I disremember, the One whose always there.

So I look to You and thank You, for You alone are grace,

I’m filled with joy unspeakable, which shines upon my face. You have

My gratitude.

This was written after a reminder that God has my back and is taking care of me. This type of thing happens more than I record, so today I took the opportunity to express thankfulness to the Lord. ♥

©Jacquie Bradford


2 thoughts on “My Gratitude

    1. Thank you RJ, I have been MIA for a while, so please accept my apology for this late response. I plan to begin more regular postings of the poetry I have begun writing; a new found love for me. I pray you are well. ♥

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