Living With Purpose Not Distraction


Last night as I sat in our local chaplain’s meeting, discussed were things like all that I do should be done in response to the Cross, which keeps my work alive and fresh. Also understanding Dr. Paul Brand who says, “I thank God for pain, I cannot think of a greater gift I could give to my leprosy patients” (Skye Jethani, 2011).  Jethani asserts, “In our comfort we forget the One who alone can deliver us from our true ailment.  Instead we seek lesser things” (p. 71). Lesser things can be material, entertainment and even doing good things that are not in unison with our calling.

What is the old saying? “God does not call the qualified, but qualifies the called.” For me, last night was a wonderful reminder of why I pursue the Lord and not stuff, or busyness or doing what I do out of obligation or fancy.  The world likes to talk about being in “the zone;” well for me that is working and being with someone who finally sees hope for their marriage, and for relationships with family and or friends.  Dear one, do you know what your connection and purpose is? If you do not know, then ask the One who created you, sit quietly and think about what motivates, inspires and or stirs your indignation.  Remember we are called according to His purposes and plans, not our own or even someone else’s.

Maybe you are thinking, “I’m not sure if I can recognize the truth about my purpose.” Here is the Good News: You have been given the Holy Spirit, so that you know the truth. God has united you with Christ who is wisdom, and He has made you pure and holy, free from sin. You have wisdom and knowledge because you have been given the mind of Christ.  And all of this is according to James 3:17, John 16:13, I Corinthians 1:30, II Timothy 2:7, and Isaiah 33:6.


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